Scope of services

DTP and proofreading

Setting text in a foreign language can often be tough for designers and DTP professionals, especially when it comes to hyphenation and line breaks. 

When cutting and pasting translations into DTP files without knowing the language concerned, this carries the risk of creating errors.

Our DTP team is familiar with many of the widely used DTP packages, fonts and languages. We’ll gladly work directly from your source files, be it InDesign, FrameMaker or other programs, to avoid problems during conversion into other formats, and to maintain the quality of the original. 

DTP always includes a proofreading stage in order to make sure everything is complete and in the right place and the layout is as similar as possible to the source file.

A safeguard if you go at it alone

For clients who prefer to use their own DTP staff, we can provide proofreading by a native speaker as a final check.