Scope of services

Readability and user testing

MediLingua is one of the few companies to offer readability testing and user testing services. A readability test is required by national or European regulatory authorities for new or significantly amended Patient Information Leaflets. User tests of for example instructions for use of medical equipment, are usually not mandatory (but still very useful).

How do we test for readability?

In a readability test, a draft leaflet is presented to groups of 10 test participants who have to answer questions on the content of the leaflet. If each participant is able to answer all questions correctly without difficulty, the leaflet is sufficiently clear. However, in many cases, not all sections are equally clear. We revise these sections under client approval and test the leaflet again.

We always check the text very thoroughly in preparation of a readability test. We make sure the leaflet is in line with the latest version of the QRD templates and check that MedDRA or EDQM terminology has been used consistently.

Experience has shown that leaflets, which have been checked, edited or written by us will pass a readability test with flying colours.

Need a proposal?

For us to prepare a proposal for a readability test, complete with cost estimate and timelines, all we really need is the final version of the text of the Patient Information Leaflet. Click here for more information.

User testing

While there are clear requirements and guidelines for readability testing of patient information leaflets for medicines, user testing of for example the instructions for use of a medical device can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the type of document and the intended user. Contact us to discuss the user testing options of your document.

Want to become part of our test panel?

If you like to participate in a readability test, you can register with us. We do need some information about you: name, phone number, email address, age, and level of education. Please click here to send us these details.

For each test we form several test panels on the basis of age, gender and level of education. When you are invited for a test, you will read a patient information leaflet and we will ask you some questions about it. You can look up the information in the leaflet to answer the questions. This means that we are not testing how well you can read of how well you can remember the information. You help us test the readability of the leaflet. If many participants have a problem answering a specific question, that probably means that the leaflet is not totally clear. We will then revise the text and test again. A test usually takes 30 to 45 minutes and in return for your participation, you will receive a gift certificate.