We speak Dental!
MediLingua is recognised as one of the most experienced translation providers for dental implants. Our dental translation team is knowledgeable in prosthetic and surgical product material, tools and treatment plans as well as dental biomaterials and milling machines. Digital solutions (CAD/CAM technology) for dentists and labs is another of our specialty areas, including 3D printers, intraoral scanners and surgery planning/digital workflow software.

We also speak Ortho!
With over 15 years of extensive experience working for the orthopeadics sector, our teams are familiar with the latest developments in joint replacements, trauma and spine surgery. Depth gauges, alignment tools, drill guides, templates wires, plates and various screw types are all present in our vast terminology databases.

In addition to these major areas of expertise, we are experienced in translating for the fields of ophthalmology, audiology, and others.

  • Surgical techniques
  • Instructions for Use (IFUs)
  • Patient information
  • Packaging and labelling texts
  • Scientific papers
  • Websites
  • Brochures & Product Catalogues
  • Technical Documents
  • Training Materials
  • Software Programs & Apps

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