Other services

Back translation

A back translation is when a translation is translated back into the original language. This is often required for documents used in clinical trials, but this quality assurance method can be other for other types of translations as well. The ‘back translator’ obviously does not have access to the original document. As an additional service we can analyse the original document and the back translation, and insert comments into the forward translation. We can expand the process to a double forward translation with reconciliation of these two versions, then a double back translation with again a reconciliation of these two versions.

Sworn translation

Sometimes a sworn translation is required. This means that the translation is endorsed by the signature and official stamp of a translator who has taken an oath before a court of law. A sworn translation is accepted as a faithful version of the original. The linguistic quality of a sworn translation is not necessarily higher.

Linguistic consultancy

Translatability audit - we take a global look at the source document (or even an early draft) for any content or design issues that may cause problems during translation. We can advise on linguistic and localization issues, and also make recommendations on the best tools to use.

Pretranslation review - also involves reading the full source text, correct any errors and insert comments where we feel this will benefit the translation process. When instructions are not complete, too long, or too complicated, we can recommend revisions to the text, taking into account our extensive experience in Readability and Usability testing. Quality or scheduling problems are often caused by source text issues, and at a relatively low cost we can prevent unwelcome surprises in terms of translation cost and time.

Terminology and translation memories

We use state-of-the-art translation memory software, and manage customer-specific translation memories. Together with our terminology management service this saves translation time and costs. Our translation quality is also increased by ensuring consistent use of terminology.

Software programs & Apps

Experience has taught us the ins & outs of localizing software and apps. Many software tools are not built with translation in mind. We’ve built up a level of expertise that allows us to seamlessly integrate translations into the formats you may require.

Translation Certificates

Medilingua is certified under ISO 17100:2015, the Translation Services Standard and under ISO) 9001:2015 the international standard for Quality Management Systems.  We are able to provide a Translation Certificate to meet your needs.